Two Weeks in Bavaria – The Charm of the German Alps

Flashback post! Sometimes life moves fast and time gets away from you. But it’s time now to look back on some fond memories.

Oberstdorf: Top Destination Germany

I never thought this would happen to me! But I spent two weeks relaxing in the Bavarian Alps, in a town of around 10,000 people. Located in far southern Germany in the Bavaria’s Allgäu region, the town of Oberstdorf is practically in Austria (we took a half day hiking trip across the border one day) and very close to Switzerland.

My partner Daniel was in the homestretch of writing his PhD and looking for a quiet place with few distractions. Lucky for me, he chose Oberstdorf and a vacation apartment owned by some family friends, and I was along for the ride. No wifi in the apartment, poor cell phone reception, and tons of stunning nature nearby. We packed the car with some provisions, our cutie little rescue dog Neuro, and geared up for some gearing down.

Ok I did cheat a little bit. As a newly minted digital nomad and freelancer, I felt I neeeeeeded to be connected. So I bought a surf stick which allowed me to have wireless internet. But I vowed to use it only when urgently necessary – like for posting on Instagram 🙂

Mostly though, people come to the Alps to relax and enjoy nature, and that’s what we did. A lot of hiking, bicycling, yoga, cooking, and reading on the balcony. The apartment was a blast from the German 70’s past, and we did get to watch some cool old movies on the tele. I considered this an opportunity to practice my German.

Hiking, Biking, Skiing Paradise

germany alps bavaria

bavarian alps oberstdorf

The town is easily accessible from Munich,  Stuttgart, and Lake Constance, which makes it an extremely popular vacation spot. Not to mention the activities available.

If you’re into skiing, Oberstdorf has lots to offer in the winter. Known as the “Zwei-Länder” (Two Countries) ski region due to its close border with Austria, the town boasts Germany’s longest downhill run at 7.5 km long. The biggest ski peak in the area is Nebelhorn, at 2224 meters and reachable by cable car to and from the city center. There is even a ski jumping hill there which has hosted two FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.

But enough about skiing. I was there in April and I’m not much of a skier, so it was every day a new hiking trail – except when I was biking.

bavarian alps oberstdorf germany

This place really is an outdoor lover’s dream. The rugged, ranchy feel of the whole place reminded me a bit of Texas. Firewood and farm equipment everywhere, and people hang skulls on the wall here too.

You can hike to waterfalls, along rivers, and to a gorgeous lake. I hiked several kilometers up to Nebelhorn and took the cable car down. A cable car which I shared with a ski team.

bavarian alps lake oberstdorf

The hiking network spans over 200 kilometers, and there are several bike paths as well. There are Alpine huts along the way which, depending on the season, you can stop at along the way for a refreshing reward (aka beer) or some sustenance for the next leg of your hike.

oberstdorf city center church

In town, you can buy cheese from local artisans, tea, locally made schnapps, and of course plenty of local beer. The tall spire of this church in the city center (above) was a great landmark for navigating around town.

Relaxation Achievement Unlocked




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