How to Get From Downtown Belgrade to Nikola Tesla Airport

A1 Shuttle – Transport to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Need to catch a flight from Belgrade? There is easy and cheap public transport to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport from downtown.

The A1 bus line runs directly from the old city center (stari grad) to Belgrade airport. In downtown Belgrade, there is a stop right in front of the train station, to the right side as you exit. Look for a small island in front with a bus stop for local city busses and a kiosk.

It’s a little beat up, but you’ll see a sign for the A1 route about 20 meters from the regular city bus stop. The littler red minibus comes every 20 minutes and you can just pay the driver. It takes around 35 minutes to arrive.

When compared with a cab or car service at 12 – 15 Euros, the Belgrade airport shuttle bus is quite affordable at 350 Serbian dinars (around 3 Euros) per one-way ticket.

A1 Shuttle to Belgrade Airport

  • Cost: 350 dinars
  • Route: A1
  • Schedule: Every 20 minutes starting on the hour, as far as I know this is not a 24 hour service
  • Duration: About 35 minutes

I always like to take public transport if possible as it’s much cheaper, friendly to the environment, and, well, it’s the backpacker way to do things. Hmmm, should I write a post on what separates backpackers from other tourists? Let me know!

If you want to enjoy the city, here are some suggestions for things to do in Belgrade.

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