las fallas festival dénia spain 2017

Las Fallas in Dénia, Spain

Travel Inspiration Dénia is the best little beach town you’ve probably never heard of. Located on Spain’s sparkling Costa Blanca just an hour away from Valencia, Dénia really is a hidden gem. I was lucky enough to discover it thanks to friends of friends who have recently retired and are living the dream there. Kevin and Susan were kind enough to welcome me for a … Continue reading Las Fallas in Dénia, Spain

Rhein River Sieben Gebirge

Germany: My Life on the Rhein

It’s been three months and I’ve succeeded in getting my tourist visa extended until January 2018. Officially I am here for a “Sprach Kurs Besuch” or Language Course Visit. The course is an intensive course (15 hours per week!) from the beginning of May to end of June, but thanks to a loophole I discovered through some friends, I asked to stay for longer than … Continue reading Germany: My Life on the Rhein

Getting Gone: How to Get Rid of All Your Stuff

So you’ve made the decision to move abroad. Congratulations! Now comes the work of starting your new life. You can trust me on this, it IS work! But more than likely, it will all be worth it. As I was preparing to leave the U.S. to travel indefinitely (a long process), my friends, family, and coworkers had a lot of questions, and one of the most common was – What are you doing with all your stuff? Continue reading Getting Gone: How to Get Rid of All Your Stuff